John Turcios

Builder of Things / Ceramacist /  Art Director / Designer / Hand Twiddler 

People say when they first meet me that I am either shy or quiet. I say I’m thinking and observing. How you talk, react, what’s your sense of humor…do you even have a sense of humor? I’m just gauging my audience. So hang on while I collect my thoughts and then I’ll talk.

And it continues…

I have a fine arts background focused on ceramics which I still practice to this day. I have somewhat of an addiction to creating things (just because) and a curiosity that doesn’t quit. I truly enjoy getting my hands dirty; give me a pencil, some yarn and an X-Acto knife and I’ll create something amazing.

I enjoy what I do and I have been lucky enough to expand my skill sets while working with some very talented people. I’d like to keep that going. I’m always open to new experiences and opportunities. To team up with folks who share a similar passion and drive.

If you’re like me and you’re not one to shy away from a challenge, or maybe you just feel like making something to make something, then just reach out.