Header Images


For my header images I wanted to stay away from using the typical navigational titles/categories. I wanted to visually express what those categories actually mean to me and to give them the proper title they deserve. I detached myself from the computer and went straight into my garage with a notepad. I ended up creating three categories: The Grind, After Hours and Eye Snaps. For “The Grind” I made a papier-mâché octopus holding golden tipped pencils in each arm to visually express my daily work experience. For “After Hours” I made a rocket ship blasting off to express the nonexistent limits that you can get lost in when doing personal projects. Lastly for “Eye Snaps” I made a couple of cameras hanging over a skyline dumping out photos…a loose interpretation of what happens when you can’t stop finding things that are visually interesting and you want to capture all of them.